There probabaly numerous things to look for in hosting firm. Here are the 5 benchmarks;

Your commercial website needs to be up 24x7x365. So should your web host. Your web hosting provider should have a proven record of providing a powerful, stable networking connection. One way to determine that is through uptime score. The gola is a 99.5% or higher uptime score. Anything less than 99% uptime is unacceptable. But remember 99.5 percent means .5% downtime. That means 42 hours down time. Our servers are at the 99.9 range. Another important factor to keep in mind is the number of vendors the provider relies on. We rely on one and proactively keeping our equipment up-to-date, we take reliability seriously. Uptime is serious business. We have redundant monitoring systems, both internal and external to our hosting environment, to ensure no outage or performance issue is left undetected. Our systems and software for performing these tasks are state of the art, including several we have built and released to the public.

Not sure what you nreed? We'll will work with you to find the size that fits. You can't forsee all items that might come up but keeping our systems open and discovering hidden needs is what makes us the best. Promise no surprises. Hosting is not a one-size fits all. And it’s not even a one-size fits now and forever more. We will grow with you.

E-Commerce Solutions
Onsite or offsite you need us as your web hosting provider because we support those needs. Keep it simple and real. From SSL certification to dedicated IPs. We’re no stranger to e-commerce shopping cart solutions, plugins and custom solutions. Your e-commerce website is in good hands.

Website Backups
Ever become a bit unsure about whether you wan to keep that free site. Only to ask for a copy a few weeks after expiry and it is gone. Not with us. And websites are vulnerable. They can crash. They get hacked. Servers can fail. We do regular back ups. Even a coder can accidently breat a site. Not to owrry we can restore a site to the day before. Undo the breaks. Our managed hosting packages backup daily. We are serious when it comes to proactive measures and backups. We take proactive measures so seriously that some of our packages even provide daily security updates to prevent vulnerabilities in the first place.

Web Servers and Operating Systems
A bit of due diligeence research and you will discover, a web host offering a Unix-based operating system and running the Apache web server is the way to go. That is us!! Most web-based software assume your website is running on such a system. Our Unix and Apache simply don't experience compatibility Give us a call. Because in the end, you don’t need a whole big checklist to determine which hosting provider is right for you. You need a trustworthy source who will listen and ask the right questions.

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