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Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your web presence. It is your "address" on the Internet, and points to your digital home base: your company website.
The domain name system is not terribly complex, but it's just complex enough that not everyone understands how it all works. For this reason, many organizations turn over  control of their domain name to an agency or web firm to manage.    A domain name (like "") is an address that defines a "realm of authority" on the Internet. It can be thought of like a physical address for your office. Your address is where mail is sent and where people drive if they want to visit your office.
A domain is similar. If someone wants to visit your website, that person will use your domain name to access it. Your domain name "points" to your website just as your physical address "points" to your office. This is 101 stuff that quickly can get complicated.  We can help ….. whether you already have a domain or want to register a new domain contact us to…

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