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As you may know, there are various kinds of email providers. There are paid and free ones, possibly sustained by advertising,  for obvious reasons we would not recommend them.   
Typcially we off companies, universities, organizations, groups, and individuals through  standard contention.  They can use our mail servers or manage their mail servers themselves adopt naming conventions that make it straightforward to identify who is the owner of a given email address.
Besides control of the local names, insourcing may provide for data confidentiality, network traffic optimization, and fun.
The mailbox provider deployed ny Codtongues  accomplishes itsr task by implementing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and possibly providing access to messages through Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), the Post Office Protocol, Webmail, or a proprietary protocol.
We  also provide first level virus and spam filtering of incoming mail, or authentication of outgoing mail.   We also provide ISP-based email,  IMAP, Transport Layer Security, and SMTP Authentication.

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